Join AUSVEG SA today

AUSVEG SA membership is open to all growers throughout South Australia and we welcome engagement as we work to grow the vegetable and broader horticulture sector in our state.

Membership is free for growers who would like to sign up as members of the association. Rather than charge growers membership we instead ask that they take time to attend our events, provide in kind support to key initiatives which help the industry and support the companies who support AUSVEG SA to continue to act as a leading advocate for industry. It is through this model we have been able to build a strong grassroots base of support, get key runs on the board for industry and give back to industry.

Under this innovative model, AUSVEG SA continues to grow our programs and capabilities and wants even more growers to join us as we work to increase the support we can provide to industry.

How to join

Click here for a copy of the AUSVEG SA membership form which can be signed and sent to A copy of the company constitution is available by contacting the AUSVEG SA Chief Executive Officer on 0404 772 308 or

Why join?

Having an effective and well resourced advocacy organisation is important when things go wrong in business. Constant regulatory changes and pressures from competing interests like unions mean that industry needs an effective seat at the table with government. AUSVEG SA has the staffing, expertise and national links with like-minded organisations to deliver on behalf of local industry. Employees often are part of a union, so it is important that businesses like horticultural enterprises need somewhere to go when need arises. At AUSVEG SA we are passionate about working for industry and want to advocate for growers in times of need.

Membership benefits

  • Access to industry leading advocacy capabilities on industry issues such as relationships with the supermarkets, fighting unfair taxes and fees levied on industry and IR advocacy support.
  • Ability to attend production and business development events run throughout the year
  • Discounted tickets to the AUSVEG SA Dinner and End of Year Drinks
  • Access to our leading Export Development program which provides case management and mentoring for emerging exporters
  • Access to our IPM implementation program which assists producers to better manage resistance issues and produce crops using more targetted use of sprays
  • Business level assistance with product development or production issues with support from the AUSVEG SA team
  • Access to R&D events throughout the year and access to an Australia-wide network of researchers through the VegNET SA program
  • Business level advocacy on local issues with councils and other authorities
  • Access to the AUSVEG SA Energy Buying Tender and future group purchasing initiatives.

AUSVEG SA welcomes any growers who would like to join us to present a strong and united voice to government and help us work to improve the lives of hardworking growers in our state.